Top tips to sell more with LED lighting

There are several studies that support the effectiveness of the use of light to sell more. Despite this, last year energy consumption was in the top 10 of expenses for companies according to This is why these tips to sell more with LED lighting will not only improve your sales strategy but will also allow you to control your expenses. To do it correctly, we must take into account the tone, the ratio they cover and the spaces they will occupy. All this can influence how well your products sell, so Visual Led, experts in LED digital signage, wants you to learn to play with the lights and shadows of your business.

Product lighting

Let’s start small and continue big. Each of your products, especially when it comes to food and fresh products, can be more appetizing if accompanied by the right light. For this reason, here you will find some tricks to enhance the color of the products that, when combined with color psychology can be great to choose the specific tonality of LED lighting.

Red and pink products. Accompany them with pink light, enhancing their bright color.

Blue products. As blue or silver products are dull colors, they need a cold white light to bring freshness and shine to the product.

Fresh products. Especially when it comes to vegetables and fruit, it is very important to use white and clear lights, so that all products shine bright to boost their best qualities.

Packaged food. When we talk about any type of packaged product, whether it is pastries, cheeses or sausages, a warm, yellowish light is recommended, so that it produces an appetizing sensation and the customer wants to taste it.

White-colored products. It is important to emphasize products with neutral lighting. In addition, as we will see later, a good way to make it stand out is to use focal lighting on it, so that it does not go unnoticed.

Light up the interior of your store

Now that we know a little more about how to highlight our products, another of the tricks to sell more with LED lighting is to know how you should distribute the lights in your store. To give you the best advice, we have divided three types of lighting so you can use each one or more according to your needs.

General lighting

The general lighting is what will allow our client to see all the products and have a good conception of the route that should be followed. It is for this reason that we must think about the environment we want to transmit in our store. For a clean look, for example, in a technology company or a dentist, we should use general lighting with cold and neutral tones. On the other hand, the warmth will favor closeness to the customer, especially in stores such as bakeries, jewelry stores, furniture stores or bars.

Work lighting

Not all spaces of our business may be created for the same function. In those places where you are working directly with the material sold, it is important that the lighting allows this task to be carried out as accurately as possible. It is for this reason that the work areas will need uniform illumination. You should also consider the option of adding localized light if you need to illuminate in a particular direction. In restaurants, for example, it is important that the kitchen has a different lighting from the dining room.

Focal lighting

Focal lighting, on the other hand, creates a more intense light in a specific area and is used to highlight a specific area. There are some tricks to sell more with LED focal lighting, either with lamps or LED signs.

Lights on shelves. A good advice is to add LED lights on the shelves where the products you want to highlight are located, so that the eye automatically goes to the products you prefer.

Play with contrasts. If you want to highlight one or several products while adding a certain halo of luxury and exclusivity, make sure that the general light is dimmer than the focal light, so you will highlight the product a lot and put it in the spotlight as something truly special.

Lead the purchase process. The LED focal lighting can help the sales process, marking the direction which the client should follow. Using lighting, for example, in the fitting rooms, you will encourage people to try clothes on, while showing the best deals with freestanding LED screens will make customers learn about special offers. In addition, illuminating the till well will allow them to know where the purchase process ends.

Lighting for showcases and counters. In jewelry shops, for example, the showcase and counter lighting is key. We want the product to shine, but if we use direct lighting, the shadows will create a somewhat harsh effect.

Lighting for shop windows

Window displays will be the first impact that the client will receive, so it is very important to attract him. Precisely for this reason, within the best window dressing tips, lighting is absolutely essential.

Using lights more artistically and playing with them is a good way to attract attention. Create light compositions, focusing on those products that you want to highlight to direct the gaze of the passer-by.

One thing you should keep in mind is the color of the objects that you will use in it, since the tone of your LED lights will depend on it. If you have more yellow, red or orange colors, you will use a warm tone, while whites, blues or greens prefer a shade of colder color to highlight them.

But if you want to capture the attention of passersby through your storefront, LED screens for shops and shop windows are an infallible weapon since, as they can play video, it will capture the attention of your potential customers much more.

Make your store visible at long distances

And what better way than to make yourself known, especially in busy streets, thanks to lighting? With LED advertising banners you have the opportunity to reproduce images and video that will make your business stand out from the rest. With this option you can make the logo of your company shine bright, even in broad daylight, and give additional information of interest to your potential customers.

And now that you can apply these trips to sell more with LED lighting, remember that in Visual Led, a specialized company with a long career in this business, you will find solutions to maximize your business, as well as being able to trust our professionals. What are you waiting for?

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