Top tips to buy the outdoor LED display you need

It is not the first time that we insist on the importance of having an effective visual communication tool: not only to ensure that outdoor advertising campaigns offer the expected result, but to not compromise your business’ image either. Hence, many companies doubt whether to use a professional LED screen or a traditional TV to publicize their products and services to the general public. Now, what are the keys to buying the outdoor LED display you need?

If we keep in mind that the acquisition of an outdoor LED display requires a certain initial investment in economic terms, we will understand why it is vital to ensure that the choice is appropriate. To do so, we must pay attention not only to the budget, but also to various technical criteria (both the performance of the screen and the maintenance service).

Although it is a known fact that a professional LED monitor will always offer a higher brightness than conventional LCD TVs, there are certain users and companies that, after buying a LED screen, are unhappy with the product or with the quality of the image. The reason? Its poor performance in terms of visibility and video resolution, especially when it comes to outdoor screens. Does that mean that the item purchased is not good? Not necessarily. It is not that one product is better than another, but that it is not suitable for the characteristics of the advertising actions that are to be carried out.

Next, we detail some factors that you must take into account to make your purchase a success. Pay attention.

What features should an outdoor LED display have?

Let’s now look at the 10 most significant features of professional LED screens.

  1. Choose a waterproof LED screen. Any outdoor LED display must be waterproof and, depending on its location, vandalism protection. Only then can you install LED panels under any atmospheric condition, which will also extend the monitor’s lifespan.

2.… and resistant to temperature changes. It is essential that your outdoor LED screen withstands extreme cold or heat, as well as sudden temperature changes. This aspect is especially important for advertising actions carried out in areas with a continental climate – that is, with large thermal contrasts – or in very hot or cold areas. By choosing a custom LED display, you can make sure that the item purchased gives you this advantage.

  1. Content remote control and management. For obvious reasons, it is essential that the advertiser himself has control of the digital advertising contents at all times. This is why some LED screens, such as those at Visual Led, can be controlled using optical fiber locally or with software, through any device with an Internet connection. However, one must consider, as is the case of interior LED displays in stores, that a giant LED display should not be located in an isolated place with poor coverage.
  2. Manual and automatic control. Quality LED screens have high brightness and allow manual and automatic control of brightness and contrast for different times of the day or weather conditions: for example, when the day is cloudy. In this way, you will have the peace of mind that passersby will always visualize the contents in optimal conditions.
  1. Offer a practical and always updated software. Content software is one of the pillars that will ensure proper LED screen function. In addition to being practical and intuitive, it is convenient to update it periodically and that it is compatible with the main operating systems. A software with many functions will not be very useful if it is quickly outdated. With Visual Led, you won’t have to worry about this issue.
  2. Have an extensive viewing angle. Only then can you broadcast the right colors, without distortion and from any angle. In this sense, it should be stressed that, if you choose traditional TVs, those who view the monitor from the sides could see the colors distorted.
  3. Easy installation and assembly. An expensive installation makes the final invoice of the screen more expensive and, moreover, it entails a complex relocation. That is why, at Visual Led, we recommend light screens that are also resistant, allowing a simple installation and assembly.
  4. Comply with current regulations. LED billboards and screens face a double challenge in regulation. On the one hand, outdoor advertising regulations and, on the other, those laws that seek to curb light pollution. In addition, these guidelines coexist at all levels of administration, including, in the case of advertising regulations, the scope of municipal ordinances. Hence, each location is subject to its own rules. Of course: LED screen manufacturers must guarantee that the client knows about existing regulations. A requirement that Visual Led can assure you. In addition, depending on the location of the screen, you should also consider the option of contracting liability insurance.
  5. Have a good maintenance service. As important as the performance of the screen is to make sure that it will always work perfectly. In Visual Led, we have a technical department that will ensure that your screen has an unbeatable performance. It is highly important to count with good professionals to advise you about the ideal screen size, pitch or installation before purchase. Something that Visual Led proudly provides.
  6. Be customizable. Despite all the factors indicated, it is clear that every business is a world. Therefore, make sure that the manufacturer can design custom screens, adjusted to each client’s needs, conditioned by the weather, the installation point, etc.

Get your ideal LED display

These have been some of the top tips to buy an outdoor LED screen. Do you still have doubts? If so, contact Visual Led without obligation, by phone, email or through our form. Our team, present in the market since 2003 and with presence in more than thirty countries, will clarify all your doubts. And if you prefer, you can use our LED display price calculator to obtain an approximate budget for the ideal LED display for your company.

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