Top 10 tips to create an effective outdoor advertising message

In the main cities of the world, such as New York or Tokyo, bright outdoor digital advertising displays are not only a powerful marketing instrument, but also one of the hallmarks of these metropolises. Now, when you are immersed in a sea of neon lights and LED screens, being noticed among competitors can be an almost impossible challenge. To overcome it, it is essential to know what the keys are to create an effective outdoor advertising message.
Although there is no philosoper’s stone to help you with it, we want to offer you some ideas that will help you achieve effective publicity without your investment spiking. Pay attention.

1. Don’t forget the four main aims of any advertising campaign

First of all, you have to remember that an ad will only be effective if it manages to produce these four effects on your potential customer:

  • Impact understood as the ability to surprise the recipient and capture their attention.
  • Memorization, both of the message and the brand, information that the potential customer should keep in mind when shopping.
  • Understanding the advertising message: features and added value of the product, usability, effective dates of a specific commercial offer, points of sale, price etc.
  • Positioning, that is, the adequacy of the message to the image that the company wishes to transmit, so the message must be adjusted to branding so that the recipient considers it consistent with the brand and its philosophy.

If the ad does not achieve any of these four purposes, it is most likely not going to be effective. For example, it can be shocking, but if the public does don’t remember it the next time they go shopping again.

2. Choose products and services that are relevant to your target

A recent study ensures that each person receives around 6,000 advertising impacts daily. And in the midst of of all the signs, how can we make our message stand out? Although there is no infallible formula, an essential aspect is that the advertised product or service meets the expectations of the customer and, in short, responds to a real demand. Only if you are able to know what in the marketer slang is known as pain points, will you get their attention.
There are many strategies that will help you achieve this, such as the creation of communities in social networks, as well as their interaction with it; market studies, satisfaction surveys, focus groups … Choose the ones that best fit the characteristics of your business and put yourself in your target’s shoes to offer you what they need and when they need it.
Do you want to be even more persuasive? In that case, don’t miss these tips on how to use color psychology to sell more. We assure you they work.

3. Know your audience … and their habits

This point is closely linked to the previous one, since, in order to impact the target audience with bright outdoor advertising, it is necessary to know when and where to find it. Although the placement of outdoor LED displays are often conditioned by the location of the business, digital advertising allows you to schedule broadcasting hours.
For example, if you want to publicize an offer addressed to a family audience, a good choice would be to spread the messages before and after the start of school hours, which is when fathers and mothers will take and pick up their children from school. On the other hand, if your target is made up of young people, broadcast on Friday and Saturday nights – as long as the LED informative panel is near a busy area in that strip – will be a safe (or almost) bet. In addition, LED signs can be programmed at any time and from any device connected to the Internet. It cannot be any simpler!

4. Focus on the user

The customer first strategy goes beyond a simple advertising campaign; rather, it is a business philosophy that must be endorsed by all the people who form a company and, of course, be reflected in their communication actions. Make sure that the message is clear and straightforward, that it pleases your audience and that it is easy for them to respond to the call to action (we will return to this topic later). In this way, you will prevent your target from choosing your competitors instead. This also requires adaptability to consumer demands, which change at an increasingly rapid pace, as well as anticipation.

5. Communicate an interesting value proposition

It is no secret that the commercial offer is growing more and more. Nor that products increasingly resemble each other. The consumer often does not have enough arguments to choose one product over another. Make it easy, highlighting what makes you different or unique: speed in shipping, value for money, free returns, technical support … If you do something better than other companies in the sector, let your audience know!
Imagine for a moment that you have a toy store. Well, even if a potential customer wants to buy a wooden train or a specific board game, why should they choose your store instead of one of the many toy stores in your city? That’s where your outdoor advertising message can give you the final push.

6. Add a call-to-action (CTA)

Were you surprised by the 6,000 daily advertising impacts? Well, here is the number of ads that we are able to remember per day: 18. An amount that is too daunting to leave it all to your audience’s advertising memory, right? So that your message is not forgotten, it is important to add a call to action (CTA). You decide what it is: make a purchase of a certain product, request a customer card … When encouraging the response of the ad recipient, playing with the urgency factor usually works well, either highlighting the end date of a promotion or highlighting that it is a limited offer to a certain number of buyers.

7. Be original

As Stephan Vogel, creative director of Ogilvy & Mather in Germany says, nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. He is not far from the truth, since these ads are remembered better, which reduces advertising investment and accelerates the return on investment (ROI). And yes: everyone can be original or creative when it comes to creating an effective outdoor advertising message. This is not an option, since the success or failure of the campaign depends on our ability to surprise the potential customer. So, sharpen your wits and get ready to surprise.
Have the muses forgotten you? No problem: if you have one of our LED screens, at Visual Led we have a creative team that will design a high impact campaign for you whenever you need it.

8. Beware of topics

In the same way that originality is a must, avoiding formulas that have been used frequently, such as “great discounts” or “the best discounts”. Due to the bombardment we are subjected to daily, your target audience is tired of hearing empty phrases. Why not offer data that is truly attractive? A good way to achieve this is to present specific offers, such as the exact percentage of discount or the product that is the subject of any promotion.

9. Communicate only one offer per ad

According to a study, we only spend between 2 and 3 seconds to read each of the ads that come to us, no more. Hence the importance of our advertising messages being simple and straightforward, and of containing a single main idea or offer. Each claim, therefore, should focus on a single concept. Do you need to communicate more than one, such as a discount or a gift included in the same promotion? If so, it is advisable to generate various messages with differentiated creativities and issue them independently. If you use LED displays, this will be very simple, since you can issue your claims separately and as many times as you consider, leaving the necessary space in order for the message to influence the potential client.

10. Prioritize the visual aspect

It has been proven that 90% of the information we transmit to our brain is of a visual nature. In addition, according to an Internet Retailer study, 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it. So why waste time with excessively long texts or copies? Take advantage of LED billboards or giant screens to create an effective and high-impact outdoor advertising message. With the software that Visual Led’s products include, it will be very easy to create your own content with a professional result, and without the need for prior notions.

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