Recommendations to create a good working environment

There are many variables that make business success possible: a portfolio of products and services with added value -and at a competitive price-, a good corporate reputation, the ability to adapt to changing consumer demands, a healthy economy… To this list we should also add both human resources and the relationships established between employees. This is why these recommendations to create a good working environment must be taken into account.

Talent is increasingly difficult to find, and even more difficult to maintain. The reasons for this are clear: today, employees not only value time, location and job post, but also the possibility of self-fulfilment, learning and professional growth. This can only be achieved by ensuring a good working environment. This task falls mainly on middle management and, ultimately, on managers, who must be attentive not only to the performance of their subordinates, but also to their emotional situation.

Although this task requires time and resources, the consequences of neglecting it can be even more costly, both professionally and financially. In addition to a drop in productivity, even on the part of the most involved and motivated workers, there can also be so-called absenteeism, due to lack of concentration; demotivation of professionals and a delay in the time dedicated to completing assigned projects. Quality can also be compromised, and the same can happen with deadlines. Likewise, the worker may be increasingly disengaged from more responsibilities, or may even resign from the position.

The figures are not misleading: according to several recent studies, a motivated employee who feels valued performs 65% to 80% more than one who is not comfortable in the company.

On the other hand, it must be stressed that any company has enough potential to create an ideal working environment, regardless of its size, location or sector. The good news is that relationships based on trust can be taught and integrated into any company culture.

To achieve the well-being that employees need, and which is so necessary, here are our four recommendations for creating a good working environment – take note of the factors you need to watch out for!

Potenciar la credibilidad y la confianza en el equipo

Both in regard to the relationship between workers and in the relationship between them and their superiors, trust must always be present. This is what makes it possible for a boss to delegate new responsibilities effectively or to apply strategies that are specific to so-called emotional intelligence. When there is trust, the chances of a worker being committed to the company and contributing ideas for improvement proactively multiply. Likewise, if leaders trust their subordinates, the company will gain in labor flexibility, which will contribute to the reconciliation of work and personal life..

Recognize work well done

The recognition of a job well done is a key element in creating an optimal working environment. If a worker feels recognized and supported by his or her contribution, not only will they maintain a high level of motivation in their daily performance, but they will be more open to providing innovative ideas that can improve the company’s operation. Although the worker must receive this positive feedback verbally, it is also important that it be reflected in other areas, either in an increase in pay or in what is known as the non-emotional salary: extra paid leave, training provided by the company, etc.

Equanimity in the deal

Regardless of their personal circumstances – age, marital status, family status, health status, history of justified work leave, etc. – all workers must receive fair and equitable treatment. Although remuneration plays an important role in professional development, it should not be forgotten that managing the company without favoritism also helps improve productivity. There are two golden rules for this: the distribution of incentives in an equitable manner and establishing mechanisms to make selection processes and promotions objective and impartial.

We insist: an employee who feels good in the company will be much more motivated, work more autonomously and be more efficient.

On the other hand, and although this may seem obvious, respecting each employee’s ideas and values is the first step in consolidating an optimal work environment.

Encourage participation and interpersonal relationships

Teamwork must be the cornerstone for any type of business. Therefore, it is not only important to encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge, but also for the company’s employees to communicate with each other effectively. Although there are no infallible formulas to achieve this, there are some strategies that usually work, such as team bulding activities, group dynamics that favor participation, etc.

From our experience as LED display manufacturers, we can ensure that the use of indoor LED screens is a useful tool for internal communication actions. Through it, you can transmit information and messages that must be of common knowledge. They are also a good support for the broadcast of news of the sector and corporate videos. Also, if they are installed in the rest areas, they can become a platform to broadcast more playful content: for example, quizes, infographics, thank you messages or good wishes on special occasions, such as Christmas or summer holidays, etc.

These are our recommendations to create a good working environment (and those that have worked best for us, since we have been applying them since the birth of Visual Led, in 2003, and we are still growing strong). If you have more questions and want to know how to use an indoor LED screen to promote internal communication in your company, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation, calling (+34) 977 271 074; sending us an email to or completing our form. Our team will gladly assist you and advise you in a professional and honest way.

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