Most common mistakes made when creating a video ad

According to a recent survey by Kantar, 84% of marketers worldwide plan to increase their advertising budget on video content during 2020. This figure confirms what we all know: this is the golden age of this format, which is still far from reaching its peak. However, this resource can be highly effective… only if you know how to create it. Moreover, in the case of advertising on giant LED displays, or indoor LED screens, this format requires following certain guidelines. Therefore, and in order to make your outdoor advertising effective, we will give you some tips on the most frequent mistakes when creatign a video ad for LED displays

1. Paying no attention to sound

If your marketing strategy only includes large format outdoor advertising, you can skip this first point. However, if you are considering indoor broadcasts, you may need to incorporate audio in some cases. And here comes the problem: the tendency of many to worry only about the visual aspect. This is a big mistake, because although images are essential, so is what you hear. Hence the importance of paying maximum attention to sound.

This can include three elements: voices (of those appearing in the video or off screen), ambient noises and sounds, and a soundtrack or diegetic music. When working with more than one of these variables, it is necessary to find the right balance between the different audio tracks. This is not always easy, since a common mistake is to give the music more importance, which can make the viewer pay less attention to the commercial or corporate message. In addition, sometimes the soundtrack is not well integrated, so you can hear echoes.

On the other hand, you should take into account that the music that accompanies the images should be sought after the video edition has been completed. In any case, the fact that this is the last step does not mean that it is an accessory or a mere formality. Take your time, thinking at all times about how music can help reinforce the advertising message. Obviously, the coherence between the rhythm and the type of melody chosen is also a crucial issue.

2. Including too many scenes

Another of the most common mistakes made by those who edit an advertising video, especially among less experienced professionals, is to incorporate too many shots. Although this can give dynamism to the ad, the truth is that this formula corresponds more to cinematographic language, which, thanks to the greater duration of the formats, admits resources that do not usually work in 0 second ads. This is why we recommend you to avoid complex montages. Here too, less is more.

3. Not choosing the right font

In the case of external advertising, in the absence of sound, the inclusion of text is essential to help convey the message. However, for passers-by to receive the information correctly, it is essential to choose the right typography, size and colour of the lettering, taking into account the distance separating the LED billboard from the viewers. In any case, the text should not have priority, as this should be reserved for the images.

4. Not taking into account the specific features of external advertising

As noted above, there are differences in the techniques used to edit a video, depending on whether it is intended to be broadcast on a large format LED display or on the Internet. However, this factor is not always taken into account. For example, many people make the mistake of introducing certain transitions, such as fade to black, which can distract the viewer and make them lose interest in the message being broadcast. The conditions under which this type of content is consumed are inviting: while waiting at a red light, on the way to work or school, etc. Taking this into account, we will understand why the recipient is exposed to so many sources of distraction. For this reason, it is essential that the video does not lose its appeal at any time.

5.Incorporating certain effects

Many video editing programs offer a wide variety of visual or sound effects. While these are usually very effective and eye-catching for content that is shared online, both on desktop and mobile computers, incorporating them into a professional spot is one of the most common mistakes in an advertising video. Avoid them, as their presence can spoil the final result, which will be far from professional.

6. Forgetting about branding

After hours and hours invested in creating a good advertising video, a small detail can result in not getting the desired feedback: the advertising message may not be associated with our brand. However, due to the large separation between the LED screen and the passers-by, it is not a good idea to permanently include a static logo of the brand in a corner, it is convenient to have it appear at the end of the advertisement. In this sense, you should also consider whether the company’s logo design ensures good visibility from the place where the LED display is placed. If this is not the case, it is preferable to only include the name of the company.

Now that you know the most frequent mistakes in an advertising video, you have one more tool to create ads that create a lasting impact and arouse the interest of your target audience or buyer persona.

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