How LED displays can help to face COVID-19

The outbreak of a new coronavirus and the subsequent consequences of this outbreak, with the closure of the vast majority of shops and shopping centres for more than two months and their subsequent reopening with restrictions, represents the greatest challenge to the economy in decades. The health crisis has hit the tourism sector particularly hard, as it will also have to deal with the virtual disappearance of international tourism due to the pandemic. In this scenario, how can LED displays help against COVID-19?

Here are some ideas and tips on how to use LED displays and information panels in the coming months, in accordance with the new legislation, so that you can minimise the impact of the current situation on your business and recover your usual sales volume as soon as possible.

LED displays for bars and restaurants

Without a doubt, this will be one of the areas where LED displays can help us with COVID-19.
In some countries such as the UK, opening bars and pubs will be one of the last businesses to reopen, and the conditions in which they will do so are still uncertain. To improve the customers’ experience once they are open, LED displays for bars and restaurants can be a great ally, especially when sports competitions and live broadcasts of football and basketball matches are resumed. Since these will be held initially behind closed doors or with restricted seating, television will be the only way for fans to watch their teams play, as well as an additional attraction for the public.

On the other hand, outdoor LED displays are a more attractive and modern alternative to traditional screens, as they also allow you to advertise offers or the menu, either through a carousel of static images or videos. At Visual Led, we offer ready-made displays that are resistant to rain and temperature changes, while ensuring perfect visibility even in daylight.

LED displays for shops

Just like the restaurant business, shops and shopping centres will allow reduced clients until further notice. With this in mind, it will be more important than ever to speed up the purchase decision process, so that store visitors do not have to stay in the store longer than strictly necessary, thus avoiding possible crowds.

To this end, placing LED displays in shop windows, where promotions and offers are advertised, can be of great help in encouraging passers-by to enter and purchase or become interested in a specific article or service. In this way, the time spent observing or searching for products inside the shop is reduced, thus preventing too many people at the same time and ensuring that visitors do not have to touch several items before choosing one, since handling them can also be a source of contagion.

Nor should we overlook the usefulness of indoor LED displays, which are a good solution to limit the number of customers that touch products and helping them decide more quickly what they will buy.

LED displays for clinics and hairdressers

Other businesses that will see their day to day and organization altered are clinics and hospitals. In addition to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), daily disinfection tasks and, in some cases, the closing of bathrooms and toilets for customers, these centres have had to remove newspapers and magazines from waiting rooms. To make those moments before the appointment or session arranged with each visitor more pleasant, LED displays can be a good information or entertainment source.

In the case of clinics and medical centres, moreover, the broadcast of content can be used to publicise the safety measures and protocols adopted, both in the establishment itself and in public spaces. In addition to containing useful information, this action will be seen as a sign of commitment on the company’s side, which can contribute to improving the business and brand image (branding), thanks to this corporate social responsibility (CSR) action.

LED displays for museums

The use of LED technology in museums is also a good idea, for two main reasons: the elimination of explanatory brochures – to avoid the risk of spreading the virus – and the need to remove touch screens, if any. Although these offer a more interactive experience, the fact is that their continuous use by visitors makes it necessary to sanitise them after each use, something that is not very functional and is often unusable. This is why LED screens are the ideal option for expanding and clarifying the content offered in exhibitions.

They can also be very useful to remind visitors of the new safety measures that will be applied in this type of installation, such as the need to respect the distance between people, or to have to deposit backpacks or umbrellas in the lockers and cloakrooms, conveniently protected by a plastic bag.

LED displays for smart cities

One of the characteristics of smart cities is the information actions based on the use of ICT. A strategy that will be fundamental in the coming months, given the measures being taken by the authorities to avoid large concentrations of people on the streets.

During this health crisis, many of us have come across streets where pedestrians did not keep social distance. Given the confusion created, and that regulations can change from one day to the next, as well as the de-escalation phases which allow certain measures, informative LED displays can be an effective reminder of the rules that pedestrians must follow at all times. They can also indicate which areas are busiest live, so those who go out for sport or walking can choose less congested areas.

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