Buying digital LED displays in China: is it a good idea?

Decades ago, China became the world’s factory. So much so that it has even ceased to be so, since the Asian giant has been relocating its production in regions where labor is cheaper, such as Southeast Asia or sub-Saharan Africa. In any case, more and more companies are considering importing certain items from this country: for example, buying LED screens in China. However, before taking this step, it is worth asking if this is the best option.
For the European businessperson, the idea of looking towards East Asia may seem attractive: not only because of its competitive prices – in fact, moving production processes to China is a must to guarantee the profitability of companies – but also for the possibility of hiring different qualities, depending on the available budget.
Now, to acquire an outdoor or indoor LED display in China, you have to be aware of several aspects that some companies do not value, since many are only focused on the product’s cost. Below, we summarize the most delicate ones, and to which special attention should be paid.

Commercial and technical assistance by the same company

Although it is essential for the sales team to have great knowledge of the product and its characteristics, this figure should not replace the technicians specialized in LED screens in any case. For optimal service, it is necessary that both profiles accompany and support the customer in the purchase process, since post-sale services and maintenance will be in the hands of a technical department. All this without overlooking another problem: if the seller disappears, so does the assistance and the guarantee.
In China, the roles within the company are usually not well defined. And even if this differentiation exists, the language barrier can mean that the interaction may all be through a single person. Moreover, communication is frequently channeled through an intermediary or an agent, who will not be the one who specifically deals with the manufacturing process of the LED display.

Less fluid communication during the manufacturing process

In addition to the language differences, the cost of intercontinental phone calls also limits and conditions the communication between the customer and the producer with regard to the manufacturing process of the LED display. Thus, something as simple as a mere clarification of a doubt can be considerably delayed over time. In this sense, the time difference with the Asian giant, which can be between 6 and 7 hours in the case of the United Kingdom, is an added difficulty.
Instead, by purchasing a screen from a nearby distributor, such as Visual Led, you will have the peace of mind that the conversation and attention will be constant and fluid.

LED displays without an instruction manual, or with brief or poorly translated information

Assembling and configuring a giant LED billboards or LED panels does not have to be complicated. What’s more: it can be an extremely simple process. This is precisely one of Visual Led’s aims, since our LED screens are self-supporting and have been designed so that they can be assembled and programmed by the client, either alone or with the help of a second person, without needing prior technical knowledge. We also offer online training so that the buyer can generate their own multimedia content with professional results.
However, this changes – for bad – when the documentation that accompanies the newly acquired LED display is non-existent or insufficient, or it presents translation problems. When this occurs, the buyer can feel very alone during the assembly and configuration process of their LED display.

The LED screen’s warranty is offered thousands of kilometers away

Almost 9,000 km: that is the distance between Madrid and Beijing, the capital of China. However, the geographical area must be added to what has to do with the legislation and regulations that protect the consumer and their purchases. The result? Large disbursements to ship damaged parts and components over and all that in a long period of time. A scenario that no company that aspires to be competitive can afford.
By purchasing screens or LED signs or signboards at a nearby company, you will always have the best technical support in case of an incident.

The buyer must assume the fees and legal regulation set by the European Union

Chinese producers are exempt from the payment of customs fees, taxes and payments, which are paid by the buyer. Hence, although the base price of LED screens may seem competitive, the truth is that the final amount will be different.
If you want to know approximately how much an LED screen adjusted to the features you want it to have costs, you can use our LED display price calculator, with which you will get an approximate budget instantly.

Sometimes a minimum order is required (more than one LED display)

Another problem of buying LED displays in China has to do with the characteristics of the order. Due to import difficulties, Chinese suppliers often require minimum orders of a considerable volume. A cargo container is usually the minimum order.

No piece replacements

In some cases, Chinese manufacturers do not have stocks of replacement parts or the sold material, so they can only repair the items supplied. Therefore, the seller has the obligation to send the parts to China for repair. A forced solution that is synonymous with high costs and long waiting periods, something that can have a negative impact on the client’s commercial activity of screens, posters or LED billboards.
So this is our summary of the things that you have to take into account when purchasing an LED screen in China. If you want to expand this information or clarify your doubts, contact Visual Led: our experts will be happy to guide you and advise you.

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