Adding outdoor advertising to your marketing strategy- Everything you should know

Are you wondering what the best actions for your business marketing strategy are? Are you new in the field of advertising? Among all marketing techniques, outdoor advertising has many advantages for any business, especially SMEs. Why? Because it is an effective way to send messages directly to a big audience through ingenious messages that will remain in the passerby’s memory. If you want to know all the benefits of outdoor advertising for your marketing strategy and all its variants, VisualLED, your expert in digital outdoor advertising, wants to shed some light on this field, so that you know absolutely everything there is to it.

Street marketing: a safe bet

Street marketing, or guerrilla marketing, is a way of making certain products or businesses known by interacting directly with potential customers. Locating marketing actions in a radius close to the business or place where the advertised product is sold, will help to maintain the image of the brand in the mind of the passer-by or driver in an effective and creative way.

From posters, stickers, flyers … all this is part of outdoor advertising. Despite this, the 21st century has brought new, more efficient and striking ways to attract attention, which meet under the concept of Digital Out-of-Home, or DOOH, such as digital billboards or screens. Video in the bus shelters.

Whatever your desired option, then we will explain some of the advantages of outdoor advertising in your marketing strategy:

High visibility: Depending on the chosen support, outdoor advertising will be visible for almost 24 hours a day, and for all people walk or dive past the spot where the support is placed. Therefore, companies tend to position them in very crowded areas in cities and towns.

High adaptation: The amount of media offered by outdoor advertising means that the same message or idea can be adapted to the place where the ad is placed, in addition to offering great versatility in terms of creativity, as we will see later.

Cost-effective: If you apply a good strategy, the return on investment will be maximum. By placing your advertising in a strategic position for your business or product, you can reach a large number of people effectively with a single support.

Creative outdoor advertising. The best tips

It is clear that creativity in outdoor advertising is one of the factors that will make the impact on potential customers more memorable. Playing with the spaces, being ingenious with the message or referring to the specific location where you are advertising are some of the techniques that can help make your marketing strategy effective. To do this, we show you some of the tips that will help you when developing a campaign:
Location: As we have already pointed out several times, choosing the place to advertise our product or business correctly will be essential for it to have the desired effect. Placing it in a place close to our business or retail point of our product will be very useful for the user to keep the product in mind. Not only this, but you must establish what is the best place to position your message so that it can be seen by as many people as possible. This is why we usually see this type of advertising on the roofs of tall buildings or main roads.
Message: One of the purposes of any Street marketing message is appeal directly to the user. For this reason, the message should be direct, easy to remember and as personalized as possible, so that the potential client feels that this message is addressed to him / her. Thus, knowing the area in which the advertisement is placed will also help to create a message that stays in the mind of the potential target effectively.
Support: Choosing the medium in which you are going to translate your advertising is another important element for creative outdoor advertising. A good strategy that will attract attention will be to play with the rest of the elements that are next to our billboard so that the actual screen becomes a striking element in itself.

Digital outdoor advertising stands, DOOH

Without a doubt, one of the most effective outdoor advertising media is digital screens. The benefits of outdoor LED screens are many, and even more so when taking into account the large number of Digital Out of Home media that are on the market today. Do you want to know more about them?
LED totems: One of the places where we are most used to finding street advertising is at bus shelters or subway stations. Urban Furniture as a Digital Information Point, or LED totems, would be the evolution of the advertising poster, a unique way to publicize your business or to advertise to a wider audience. Imagine moving images that stand out in this type of busy place, and with a much longer impact time than what you would get with other media.
Information screens: Information screens for Smart Cities are a useful and sustainable tool for the public administration to communicate with citizens. Thus, it is not surprising that this is the platform that many local businesses choose, since this type of support draws a lot of attention due to the type of information of general interest that is played on them.
Signs and signboards: One of the most direct ways to advertise a business that is at street level are LED signboards. This will capture the attention of anyone who passes in front of it and will guide their sight towards the shop window and / or entrance of the business. In addition, being able to play video, it is a good tool to advertise sales and other special offers that may interest the passerby.
Banderolas: Similar to the previous one, this support will help to publicize your business directly. In the same way that a luminous cross does in a pharmacy, LED banners will allow you to highlight your business in the middle of the street in a dynamic way, being able to reproduce not only the company logo, but the time or the weather forecast, If you wish.Are you already clear about the reasons why it is a good idea to include outdoor advertising in your marketing strategy? Then let VisualLED professionals advise you on your purchase process, so that your outdoor advertising displays bring you the profitability you want and even exceed your expectations. Contact us now!

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