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Why Choose Visual Led?

We have over 18 years of experience helping our clients amaze their audience with our LED screens.

We are leaders in Europe in the design and manufacture of advertising led screens.

At Visual Led, we offer solutions for both outdoor and indoor advertising, for any kind of event, without the size of the screen influencing the quality of the final product.

We guarantee a completely personalized service and specialized technical assistance available whenever you need it. We want you to find the led screens that best suit your goals.

Best Prices

We are manufacturers, not resellers. This lets us to have prices up to 50% cheaper than the competition, without compromising the quality of our LED displays.

Player and software included

Your purchase already includes, at no extra cost, a multimedia player (hardware) and the corresponding software so you can program and control your LED screen.

Self-assembling screens

Our advertising screens are self-assembling. In other words, when you buy one of our screens you can assemble it yourself by following our simple manuals.

No maintenance fees

Other companies make you sign maintenance contracts that involve extra annual or monthly payments. At Visual Led we don’t do that, you will never have to pay maintenance fees.

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Where to install rental led screens?

A rental LED screen offers a wide range of benefits. Previously, the video walls and projectors were used for this purpose. Now, with rental LED screens, it is possible to have larger and brighter screens, capturing the event attendees’ attention.

As LED screens are a new product, rental prices tend to be high, so, many rental companies decide to take advantage of the high demand and invest more and more in this type of product.

Rental LED screens for professional use

Rental LED screens for stands and conferences are LED panels capable of reproducing high resolution images and videos with a luminosity that is superior to other devices, such as traditional monitors and projectors not allowing to see the content correctly, either due to lack of luminosity or annoying reflections on their displays. In this way, an unbeatable brightness is guaranteed.

Rental screens are perfect for professionals taking part in congresses or exhibitions, who need easy to assemble, lightweight screens that are therefore easily transportable from one location to another .

The integration of quick assembling and disassembling systems assures a more convenient and cheaper installation process in comparison to other LED screen systems.

How is the assembly of an LED screen done?

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Usage and applications of led screens for rent

These screens have been designed so that professionals exhibiting their products and services at fairs and congresses can show all their products in large format and in a striking way. Audiovisual equipment suppliers organizing concerts, presentations or advertising events are also typcal rental LED screen buyers, so they can rent them to third parties.

LED screens for rent are the best option to stand out in any event, since it is possible to configure and modify the screen size. Therefore, it is a very versatile alternative for professionals in the audiovisual sector.

Its modular assembling system and intelligent electronics allow you to adapt the size accordingly. You will only have to assemble the LED frames corresponding to the size needed. This makes it possible to divide a big screen for rent into several smaller ones.

Another significant advantage is the good resolution and image quality the rental LED screens provide, which is as good as the best permanently installed LED screens offer. Thanks to their advanced technical characteristics, rental LED screens offer a perfect video content visualization, even outdoors and in full sunlight.

Lightweight and manageable

There are continuous rental LED screens assembling and disassembling works going on in this sector. For that reason, the processes must be practical and performed almost without an effort.

Therefore, lightweight equipment is a crucial factor to carry out these tasks in a quick, economic and safe way.

  • Visual Led’s rental LED screens include two light materials: aluminum and epoxy resin with fiber. Usage of these components allows us to design and manufacture very light and resistant screens.

Fast assembling mechanisms

The screens for rent have to be assembled and disassembled easily, quickly and many times.

It is important that its mechanisms are reliable and do not break after several assembling sessions, which happens very often on basic rental screens, spoiling the visualizing properties of the screen.

Quick fix systems used by Visual Led are designed to withstand thousands of continuous assembling and disassembling sessions without significant wear and tear.

Easy transportation

To facilitate the rental screens’ transportation, you can purchase a flightcase of different capacities. These flightcases, or professional transport boxes, will protect your rental LED screen during transportation and storage.

Inside, the flightcase is made of high density foams and adapted to the purchased frame. In addition, the cases have departments to store wiring and various accessories. They can even have wheels and are stackable, thanks to their superior safety mechanisms.


Buying or renting a LED screen: what is better?

LED screen rental is a growing business. In fact, the amount of concerts and events of all kinds requiring professional quality audiovisual support, such as rental LED screens, grows every day.

The price for a rental LED screen for a specific use is usually quite high. Depending on size and renting period, a professional LED screen to rent can cost up to several thousand Pounds.

However, most professionals in the sector do not know how much it cost to buy a LED screen, since it is not always easy to obtain prices or get a direct deal with manufacturers or distributors.

Screen rental is a profitable business, but not everyone knows that purchasing rental equipment is an investment that pays off quickly. Depending on the sizes and rent periods, you can recover your investment in four or five events and start earning profits quickly.

The integration of quick assembling and disassembling systems results in a more convenient and cheaper installation process than those that other LED screens have.

How is the assembly of an LED screen done?

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How are big screens for rent assembled?

1To install a rental LED screen produced by Visual Led, you do not need prior technical knowledge. In fact, the self-assembly design will allow you to do it without any help.
2Our manuals provide detailed systematic information on the assembling-disassembling systems. You will see that once a frame or tiles are fixed, all that there is left to do is to simply and quickly connect cables.
3Finally, you can connect the screen to the video processor selecting the LCD menu and choosing which video inputs you want to activate and they will be displayed on the LED screen.
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Content production on a led screen for rent

For rental LED screens, we recommend using Crystal Series external controllers. Their easy connection and administration make them a perfect match for a LED Crystal Series screen for rent.

We have several external controllers with different video inputs, adaptable to any connection you may need to have. Ask our sales representatives’ team for advice to know which external controller of the Crystal Series type is the most suitable for you.

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