Informative LED screens

Outdoor LED screen designed to provide public interest information

  • Video and image advertising and information
  • Easy integration into urban environments
  • Reduction of costs compared to traditional paper advertising

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Why Choose Visual Led?

We have over 18 years of experience helping our clients amaze their audience with our LED screens.

We are leaders in Europe in the design and manufacture of advertising led screens.

At Visual Led, we offer solutions for both outdoor and indoor advertising, for any kind of event, without the size of the screen influencing the quality of the final product.

We guarantee a completely personalized service and specialized technical assistance available whenever you need it. We want you to find the led screens that best suit your goals.

Best Prices

We are manufacturers, not resellers. This lets us to have prices up to 50% cheaper than the competition, without compromising the quality of our LED displays.

Player and software included

Your purchase already includes, at no extra cost, a multimedia player (hardware) and the corresponding software so you can program and control your LED screen.

Self-assembling screens

Our advertising screens are self-assembling. In other words, when you buy one of our screens you can assemble it yourself by following our simple manuals.

No maintenance fees

Other companies make you sign maintenance contracts that involve extra annual or monthly payments. At Visual Led we don’t do that, you will never have to pay maintenance fees.

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Where to use a smart city information led screen?

Any company or institution that needs to create a visual communication network based on LED screens can use Smartcity LED screens to reach their goals. Smartcity LED screens are the most popular screens among city councils, provincial governments and public institutions that need to create visual communication networks and road signs adjusted to the SmartCity concept.

This kind of screen networks are widely used by private companies that are looking for a practical way to control commercial spaces with a high influx of people. Smartcity LED screens can also be used in large industrial facilities to communicate information and alerts amongst workers.

What is a big smartcity led screen?

Information screens for cities are visual communication platforms, specially designed to broadcast messages and advertising in urban environments. SmartCity informative screen technologies allow their control and management from a single administration panel.

Informative screens are increasingly present in urban environments. This growing popularity means that many advertising companies choose these screens as the perfect tool to reach their audience.

Create a communicative screen network easily with our advanced SmartCity software system for public information.

How is the assembly of an LED screen done?

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Smart City informative panels have a solid construction that makes them suitable for installation in urban environments. Their highly resistant metal frames and LED modules with frontal protection against the rain make them the best option for communication in heavily transited areas.

Pixelated (Pitch)P5
Maximum brightness9.500 nits
Average duration of the led120.000 h.

Great visual impact

Using a LED screen to enhance visual communication is one of the most successful trends in the field of advertising. Within SmartCities, a LED screen is a fundamental tool to communicate with pedestrians and drivers.

SmartCity screens offer endless possibilities to communicate alerts, optimize traffic, broadcast advertising, cultural promotions and so much more.

High luminosity

Smart City screens made by Visual Led  for urban environments have high-level brightness to ensure the content is perceived correctly in any environment and under any light condition.

Being exposed to inclement weather, InfoCity screens must be resistant and perfectly readable, even under the bright sunlight. This is the only way to guarantee the best performance during continuous use.

Remote control

One of the most outstanding features of Smart City big screens is the possibility of creating and coordinating screen networks, in which each screen can broadcast different content following a customized  programming, according to location. This feature makes it possible to create environmentally-friendly dynamic signage and content.


Control systems

What type of content can a smartcity screen broadcast?

Information screens for urban use are designed to fulfill any citizens’ communication needs. The information is provided by videos or full-color images, broadcasted by high definition digital panels.

SmartCity LED screens can play a wide range of dynamic content: traffic information, cultural agenda, road signs, weather forecasts, news, alerts and all kinds of general interest information . It is also possible to display advertising campaigns on the entire network of screens. Selling these advertising slots can help to recover your investment quickly. All these functions are controlled from a single remote interface. This enables the easy creation of screen networks and customized content, programed according to a specific geographical area or zone.

How is content broadcasted on an information led screen?

Information screens incorporate our PUBLIWEB* technology for remote connection and content control from a central administration panel. Thanks to this advanced system, we can upload and program any content on the screens’ network easily, creating a high-quality visual communication network in your city.

Get ready to transform the way you contact your potential customers, with dynamic content specially made to satisfy their needs. Say goodbye to ineffective paper posters and say hello to the future.

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