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  • Real visual impact. Your business will be outstanding
  • Your window display will be captivating and eye-catching
  • Dynamic indoor communication. Show offers and promotions in real time

About us

Why Choose Visual Led?

We have over 18 years of experience helping our clients amaze their audience with our LED screens.

We are leaders in Europe in the design and manufacture of advertising led screens.

At Visual Led, we offer solutions for both outdoor and indoor advertising, for any kind of event, without the size of the screen influencing the quality of the final product.

We guarantee a completely personalized service and specialized technical assistance available whenever you need it. We want you to find the led screens that best suit your goals.

Best Prices

We are manufacturers, not resellers. This lets us to have prices up to 50% cheaper than the competition, without compromising the quality of our LED displays.

Player and software included

Your purchase already includes, at no extra cost, a multimedia player (hardware) and the corresponding software so you can program and control your LED screen.

Self-assembling screens

Our advertising screens are self-assembling. In other words, when you buy one of our screens you can assemble it yourself by following our simple manuals.

No maintenance fees

Other companies make you sign maintenance contracts that involve extra annual or monthly payments. At Visual Led we don’t do that, you will never have to pay maintenance fees.

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Who needs to buy window displays led screens?

Indoor LED screens are specially designed for those shops and business with big window displays and those who wants an outstanding store front. LED screens have great brightness and large size, making them eye-catching to any potential customer and passerby. Old conventional TVs are being replaced by stunning LED screens, not only because TVs are pretty small in proportion to shop windows, but also because its poor visibility in well-lit areas.

Indoor LED screens can be used as an interior design element that can be used to display promotional videos or as a big screen to watch TV or corporate content.

Why you should buy an indoor led screen?

The main goal for most business are attracting a lot of customers while staying relevant in potential customer’s mind, linking their name to the service they offer. In order to do this, business must have a quality product or service plus a strong identity, that can eclipse competitors.

The best way to create a solid business presence, that can be ingrained in people’s mind, is through advertising.

Indoor LED screens can become the best tool for your advertising strategy, as they can make an impressive element inside your store. LED screens are pretty versatile and can be relocated anywhere easily. Indoor LED screens are a great inversion for advertising, promotional and decorative purposes.

Visual Led offers the best indoor LED screens: easy-to-assemble, multi-pixel pitch, adaptable to any size and viewing distance required. We guarantee perfect visibility and brightness, even in well-lit places.

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How is the assembly of an LED screen done?

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Indoor led screens technical specs

LED screens placed inside stores and windows displays are intended to be watched from shorter distances, so it’s better to use a small pixel pitch and higher resolution.

However, it’s important to consider that for each screen size, there is a corresponding pixel pitch. This criteria is fundamental when choosing an indoor LED screen. Buying a screen with smaller than recommended pixel pitch, without taking into account any other parameters, can result in a excessively expensive advertising screen that couldn’t meet your needs or expectations.

Pixel (Pitch) mmP3, P4, P5
Maximum brightness3500 nits
Average duration of the LED120.000 h.
Frequency5.000 Hz

Uses and applications of indoor led screens

Indoor screens are not made to be exposed to weather conditions an don’t have additional protection against water or dust, so they always must to be installed inside.

Some good locations for indoor LED screens are:

  • Windows displays and store fronts
  • Windows
  • Shopping centers
  • Retail outlets
  • As digital screens in offices, restaurants
  • Hotel Lobbies

High resolution screens

Indoor led screens are available in a very small pixel pitch, offering a very sharp image, with a similar quality provided by videowall systems, but without the typical and annoying traditional divisions.

This new type of high-resolution LED screens has become an element increasingly popular in commercial areas, covering large surfaces and displaying spectacular multi-media content, encouraging customers to buy.

Custom screens

Visual Led manufactures custom indoor LED screens, so you can materialize your idea and get exactly what you need for your business..

Forget about old TVs and get a LED screen. Placement of TVs inside shops don’t provide the expected effect, because for some stores a 55″ or 65″ screen is not impressive enough, getting unnoticed by customers. Big indoor LED screens are able to cover a large area and can be manufactured in full-customized sizes.

How is the assembly of an LED screen done?

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How to assemble an indoor led screen?

Indoor LED screens are lighter than other type of digital screens. Besides, the anchoring system installed on our LED screens creates a solid union between each panel, which makes the installation even more simple.
Assembling an indoor LED screen is pretty easy. You can assemble one of our indoor LED advertising screens by yourself. They’re designed to be assembled by one person.

1Arrange each LED panel in the right order to form the full-size LED screen. Install the accessories, if necessary. Connect each panel LED by using the electric wire provided.
2Each data cable is numbered and identified in the manual, connect them in the right order to each LED panel. Make sure that all LED indicators got a green light. This means that the data connection is correct.
3Turn on your multimedia player for LED screen and upload your videos, pictures and ads. Your indoor LED display for advertising is ready.Learn more about led screens assembling

Managing advertising led screens

Having a massive LED screen is not enough to make impact. Everybody have seen poorly designed ads on LED screens in windows displays many times and it’s pitiful.

When the owner of the screen or the employee makes an announcement without having any real knowledge about LED screens it’s obvious; however, ordering this type of services from specialized companies can be expensive and many business owners decides to do it themselves.

In order to avoid these problems, we’ve created a content creator online training, that will teach you everything you’ll need to know to start making your own ads.

How to display content on indoor led screens?

Usually, indoor LED screens are located in easy access areas, so we can use content players located inside the store, connecting them directly. We recommend using a simple and reliable USB player with your indoor LED screen, that will let you to program videos and images, that will be broadcasted according to a set schedule.

There are other more advanced options available: a software that will allow controlling the screen from a computer.

Our software for LED screens for shops and businesses has the most popular functions. Some of them are:

  • Broadcasting of different announcements scheduled by time periods
  • Brightness regulation according to environmental conditions
  • Programmed on and off time
  • Operation and content programing by remote control

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