LED Screens

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How to choose a luminous sign

Like many technology companies, Visual Led has also been a start-up. For this reason, we know first hand to what extent it is important to make an investment profitable, especially in the first years of the company. And although on other occasions we have already given some clues on how to choose the best LED …

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How an LCD screen works

Having a screen for advertising use, or even several, is an increasingly common strategy to give visibility to a company’s products and services. In this sense, liquid crystal monitors or LCD (acronym in English liquid crystal display) are one of the most used. Now, do you know how an LCD screen works and what advantages …

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Why Choose LED Advertising Displays

The advertising business is evolving at an amazing speed. Consumers are rapidly changing their purchasing habits and marketing experts are constantly redesigning advertising campaigns to capture their attention. In this sense, LED advertising displays have become one of the most effective tools to attract buyers and enhance brand image (branding).    At the same time, advertisers and IT specialists …

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What is digital signage?

One of the first things to keep in mind about digital signage is that it is one of the most important trends in the field of retail. Interactive screens are not only becoming increasingly important in any retail establishment: they are also helping to strengthen the link between the brand and its customers. But what …

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Advantages of using LED displays for advertising purposes

The fast evolution of LED technology and the adoption of continuous improvements open up a range of promotion possibilities for companies. Although traditional advertising signs are still relevant, digital signage is making great strides. In addition to being dynamic and much more striking, it modernizes the message and manages to capture the attention of passers-by. …

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Definition of nits and the reason why they are so important for LED displays

New technologies force us to be familiar with numerous technical concepts. This must also be taken into account when purchasing an LED display. A type of product around which certain terms that are not always easy to understand revolve: 4K, 8K, HD, Dolby Vision, pixel pitch… We know how complex this can be. That’s why, just as we’ve dealt with how to choose the right pixel …

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How to create content for LED displays

Digital advertising with dynamic images – present on LED screens, mupis, billboards, LED banners and other digital signage supports – offers numerous advantages over traditional outdoor advertising. However, we should not forget that generating video content is not always an easy task. That’s why, in order to help you get the most out of multimedia …

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False Myths about Saving Electricity

After Christmas and the New Year comes the dreaded January. And with it, the concern – even greater – in many households and companies to reduce the amount of the electricity bill. Although there are some tricks to save electricity in your business, these recommendations coexist with some false myths about saving electricity. The result? …

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Brief history of electricity

Electricity is so present in our daily lives that we tend to think of it as a fundamental need, just like running water. However, the truth is that human beings have only recently taken advantage of it. Studied since the end of the 16th century, electricity – understood as observable electrical phenomena – was a …

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Tips to create a great logo

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. Something that should not surprise us, since visual thinking is one of the pillars of communication. The reason is simple: did you know that our brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than a text? Hence, the graphic part of your business branding, which …

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